Harmful Habits That Damage Your Gut

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When you last went to the doctor, you may have talked about how you were experiencing stomach problems. You may have gotten some advice about the steps that you can take to ensure that your gut is in better shape. But what you must also think about is the bad habits that may be contributing to your gut giving you problems. Here are some harmful habits that definitely damage the gut bacteria in your body.

Lack of Fiber

When you are not getting enough fiber, stool has a hard time passing through your body. This means that you will suffer from constipation and diverticulosis. Not only does it mean that you have issues like bloating and stomach pain, but it also means that food is sticking around in your stomach and intestines for far too long.


Fiber is so important when it comes to eating healthy and improving your gut health. But when you are adding a lot of fiber to your diet without drinking much water, you can still run into issues. Fiber is great, but only when there is enough water to absorb that fiber in your body. It is why you have to pay attention to the glasses of water you are drinking each day.

Aim for those eight glasses of water, which would be eight ounces each, and you will be in good shape. If you are not getting enough water when you add fiber to your diet, do not be surprised if you are still feeling constipated most days.

Heavily Processed Foods

It is a shame that so much of our diet these days comes from foods that are heavily processed. If you are worried about your gut health, you will be concerned about the fact that you eat too many foods that include processed ingredients, preservatives and a lot of sugar.

When you add a lot of sugar and processed foods into your diet, you are boosting the bad bacteria in your gut. Such bacteria only comes alive when you add these unhealthy foods into your body. If you were to drastically cut down on the processed foods that you eat every day, you would find that your body is in much better shape.

High Fat Diet

Another thing that can do a lot of damage to your body is having a diet that is high in fat. If you are getting unhealthy fats, such as the ones that you find in fried foods, thick sauces, red meat and such foods, you will have a lot of problems with your gut.

Not only are such foods harder to process for your body, but they release the types of chemicals that will promote bad gut bacteria in your gut. Make sure that you are either abstaining or minimizing the number of times that you eat such foods in a given week or month.

No Exercise

Moving around has an effect on so many parts of your body. When you are active, your heart and cardiovascular system benefits. But it is also your gut that gets a boost when you are exercising.

It is why a lack of exercise can result in not enough good bacteria in your gut. Studies have shown that gut bacteria among people who exercise is more diverse, compared to people who are sedentary.