Three Positive Foods For Gut Health – And One Negative

Stomach problems can be alarming when they start happening regularly. It is one thing if you are experiencing some bloating and constipation one or two times a year. You figure that something did not agree with your stomach. Then you avoid that food in the future. But facing these issues, or diarrhea and stomach pain, regularly is no fun at all.

It is why finding out ways to improve your gut health is so critical for anyone who is experiencing long term issues with their stomach and digestive tract. Here are four foods that will be very positive for your gut health:

1. Legumes

Fiber is so critical to a healthy gut. When you get a good amount of fiber in your body and you drink a lot of water, you will have a much easier time passing stool. It also helps with the digestion of different foods, absorption of nutrients and the overall health of your gut.

It is the reason why legumes are so great. These foods can give you half the fiber you need in a single cup. They are so cheap, easy to cook and can fit with any type of cuisine. Even if you are on a budget, adding lentils will change your diet for the good.

2. Berries

Even if you cannot find berries in season, you can always find them frozen at a major supermarket. Blackberries and raspberries are especially great for your gut, because they have roughly 8 grams of fiber in a single cup. You are getting a great deal of fiber, as well as other antioxidants and nutrients that your body needs for a healthy gut.

3. Kimchi

A famous side dish from Korea, kimchi would be a wonderful addition to the foods that you eat every week. It is not necessary to have a great amount of kimchi, because even a small serving can have a very positive impact on your body. Since it is made with fermented vegetables, kimchi has all the necessary probiotics that will improve the balance of bacteria in your body.

4. Fried Foods

If there are ways to do good things for your gut, there are certainly foods that will cause you problems. The above three foods are great if you want to improve gut and overall health.

But when you consume a lot of fried food, you slow down your digestion. The issue with that is food just sits there in your stomach, which can cause heartburn and other complications. The foods also activate the bad bacteria in your gut, which will have long term side effects if you are consuming fried food regularly.

Having an unhealthy snack a couple times a month will not damage your gut. But having those foods every day, while avoiding the healthy foods mentioned above, will do serious and long term damage.