One of the most important aspects of a person’s physical health is the situation in their gut. Most people assume that so long as you are not experiencing serious stomach issues, your gut is probably doing fine. But it is not how it works. In fact, you could have serious issues manifesting in your gut. The only reason you are not aware of these issues is because symptoms have not manifested in a serious enough way.

Today we want to look at why gut health is so important to living a healthy and full life.

Think of your gut as a space in your body where millions of bacteria are playing around. We normally think of bacteria in a negative sense. But these are helpful bacteria, working to break down the food that goes into your body. Your gut bacteria feeds on the things that you put into your stomach.

The problem is the human gut has good and bad bacteria. While some of the bacteria in your gut may be helpful, there is also bad bacteria. When you have a diet that is high in processed materials, sugars and other unhealthy items, you are not helping your gut. You are feeding bad bacteria, which will only result in problems in the short and long term.

People who have long term gut issues will suffer stomach problems, digestive issues and other illnesses. Decades of feeding the bad bacteria in your gut can completely change the way your body works. It is why eating healthy, exercising and having other good habits can make all the difference.

Eating foods that provide your body with the positive bacteria it needs is a great starting point. Avoiding foods that will encourage negative bacteria is also critical. When you find the right balance in your diet, your wellness goes up in a significant way.